Manually send registration instructions to my parents

After you've confirmed your season open date, and that date has been reached, your Club Registration Code is now active and your club's swim families can register.

As a 

Club Admin

I Want To

Email out my Club Registration Code so my swim families can register and sign-up


Navigate to your Club Registration Code tab, copy the email instructions, and send them to your parents

Pro Tips for Registration

Pro Tip #1: Returning parents do not necessarily need the Club Registration Code, they will automatically see your club in their account and can register & sign-up their new/returning swimmers on the date that you've opened your season!


Pro Tip #2: IN-PERSON REGISTRATION DAY(S)? Use your club's convenient Club Registration QR Code to make in-person registration more streamlined.


Pro Tip #3: You can automatically email any returning families from last season and invite them to sign-up their swimmers for this season! Click here to learn how to 'Send Season Sign-Up Email to Guardians'.

Step 1:

First, make sure that your club has Confirmed Date & Opened Season Registration.

Step 2:

Once you're season registration date has been reached:

  • Your Club Registration Code tab will be active
  • Returning parents will be able to register & sign-up new/returning swimmers without needing the Club Registration Code. Click here to learn more.

Club Registration Code active tab

Your Club Registration Code:

  • Is also visible in a green banner at the top of most major screens in your Clubhouse so you can readily access it!
  • Is a club-level code and is the same from any previous seasons. As a club-level code, it can be shared universally with any new or returning families.
  • Will unlock any current/upcoming seasons for your club for any family with which you wish to share!

Step 3: Send your Club Registration Code to your swim families

Club Registration Code collapsed

Step 4: Copy Your Club Registration Code Instructions

  • Expand the green banner to reveal your Club Registration Code.
  • Read the instructions.
  • Copy the instructions in the green banner, paste them in an email and send them to all you swim families!
  • Your roster will auto-populate with each swimmer as families sign-up for the season!

Club Registration Code expanded

Important: The screenshot is just an example. Copy YOUR Club Registration Code and instructions in your Swimmingly Clubhouse.