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Meet Day Tips for Volunteers

With Swimmingly, volunteering is fun!

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know all the meet day tips for volunteers

(1) Download the Swimmingly® App

Have the Swimmingly® App downloaded onto your device prior to the meet. If you already have the Swimmingly® App downloaded make sure it is version 9! Please note you only need to use the Swimmingly® App if you will be volunteering as a Starter, Timer, Stroke & Turn Judge, or Scorekeeper.

(2) Make sure your device is fully charged

Charge your device fully before arriving at the pool. 

Pro Tip 1: Bring a portable charger to the meet to keep your device charged and ready to volunteer

Pro Tip 2: If your phone is low on charge, you can keep the charge longer if you (1) exit out of all other apps on your phone, and (2) reduce your Brightness level on your phone!

(3) Wear Sunscreen

Protect your skin in the summer sun with a high SPF sunscreen. Bring extra to reapply! 

(4) Wear a hat

Hopefully the host team provides shade, but just in case, shade your face with a hat. Bonus points if you rep your swim team!

(5) Watch the Swimmingly®  training videos

There will be plenty of other volunteers that can help you during your volunteer shift. However, you can always prepare ahead of time!

We hope these tips help you have a fantastic volunteering experience at your next swim meet!