Best Practice: No SwimmerId

Don't Stress! Input '000' and the Scorekeeper will be flagged

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Know what to do if I don't capture a Swimmer's ID number (I missed it!)  


Input '000' as the Swimmer ID and the Scorekeeper will be flagged to correct the Swimmer ID

Please make sure all volunteers have updated their Swimmingly App to Version 10.x.x!

If you miss a swimmer's ID number, that is okay! It happens, mistakes are not the end of the world! Here is our recommendation on how to address this: 

Step 1: Tap the screen anywhere to stop the clock when the swimmer touches the wall

Step 2: Select the boxes to input the Swimmer ID

Step 3: Input "000" as the Swimmer ID and Select the correct Club if captured

Step 4: Select "Save & Continue"

We ALSO recommend letting the Scorekeeper know that you missed the Swimmer's ID number. They can cross-reference the Heat Sheet to locate the Swimmer's ID number, and make the necessary correction to the results! 

Important: Even if you don't capture the Swimmer's ID, please still send a time to the Scorekeeper by selecting "SAVE & CONTINUE". 

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