Technical Benefits of the Swimmingly App

Dedicated WiFi is not needed! This has been 10 years in the making and is a game changer for the swim meet experience.

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No dedicated WiFi equipment needed with Swimmingly!

That's right! You no longer need to worry about connecting your devices to a specific WiFi network. What does this mean? This means no hardware, no setup, no installation - just the device in your pocket!Untitled design (33)

1. NO dedicated WiFi: Swim Meet Setup

  • Save time in your meet setup with zero hardware required for your swim meet
  • Don't worry about hardware logistics. No more finding the right place for your router or worrying about an extension cord.
  • Eliminate any power source issues
  • Don't worry anymore about broken hardware, missing antennas, and gathering your the pieces of your Swimmingly WiFi router for each swim meet
  • Run a swim meet anytime, anywhere!

2. NO dedicated WiFi: Swim Meet Huddle

  • Setup your swim meet in minutes
  • Eliminate all extra steps. No more connecting to the Swimmingly WiFi!
  • Enjoy a faster, easier, and more reliable huddle
  • Easy and secure huddle using a QR code rather than the MeetID
  • Devices connect intelligently over any and all communication protocols available including cellular, any WiFi, Bluetooth, local P2P (peer-to-peer) on Androids devices, & local p2p (peer-to-peer) on iOS devices.

3. NO dedicated WiFi: Swim Meet Experience

  • Don't worry about "Forgetting the Network" because your device won't jump off of the Swimmingly WiFi
  • Don't worry about the router becoming unplugged
  • Easily print results and ribbon labels while the meet is running
  • Faster results submission


Our goal is to make your swim meets as simple and easy to run as possible. We hope you enjoy all the benefits of not needing the Swimmingly WiFi router any longer!

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