Mark a swimmer as Exhibition

Select the lane number in the top right corner of the swimmer's result

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I want to

Mark a swimmer as exhibition


On the Scorekeeper iPad, select the Place number in the top left corner of the result

Please make sure all volunteers have updated their Swimmingly App to Version 11.x.x!

Please Note: Even if swimmers are marked as exhibition on the meet entries, they still NEED to be marked as exhibition on the Scorekeeper iPad. Please see the steps below to learn how!


What does exhibition mean?

An exhibition entry is a swimmer who is entered in an event. The result from this swim is not eligible for scoring, and they are not eligible to receive a place, but the time is considered an official time for future use (entries etc).

Tap the Place number in the top left corner of the result


That's it!

The "X" where the Place number was now indicates the swimmer has been marked as exhibition


Marking a swimmer as exhibition will remove any points and placing associated with that swimmer for that event. The time of the swimmer will be retained!

To learn how to mark swimmers as exhibition in the Meet Entries, please click HERE