Start a meet with Swimmingly version 10

You no longer need to set up and connect to the Swimmingly WiFi router to start your meet!

As a 

Swim team preparing for my meet

I want to

learn how I can start my meet with the new Swimmingly v 10 coming summer 2023


Enable bluetooth, turn on cellular (if available) and connect your devices to your pool WiFi (if available). When you're ready, huddle your devices using the QR code and start the meet!

Step 1: Turn on all possible forms of communication

Enable bluetooth on your device, turn on cellular data (if the device allows), and connect to any possible WiFi options. 

The beauty of this update is the devices will “talk” to each other through any connection including Bluetooth, Cellular, and/or WiFi. While any one of these connections is more than adequate, the best part is the app knows to use them all interchangeably based on what works best at your venue.

Step 2: Download the meet schedule onto the Scorekeeper iPad

Proceed through the screens on the Scorekeeper's iPad and download the meet schedule while connected to a live network

Step 3: Proceed to huddle screen and have volunteers scan the QR code with their device

Step 4: Start the meet and continue as normal!


Pro Tip: If Timers, Stroke & Turn Judges, or a new Starter need to huddle into the meet during the meet, they can scan the QR code off another volunteers's device that is currently huddled in the meet! To do so, just have the volunteer that is already huddled in the meet tap the Clipboard icon in the top-right corner! The QR Code is available there! 


The Scorekeeper can also access the QR Code at any point by tapping the People icon in the top-left corner (next to the Actions menu)!

To learn more about the benefits of Swimmingly Version 10, click HERE