Setup volunteer devices properly prior to the swim meet huddle

Watch the video for instructions!

Given That

I am about to huddle the devices for the swim meet

I Want To

First ensure all devices are setup properly

Watch the Device Setup Video (Step-by-Step instructions below)

  • Ensure you have a compatible device
  • Make sure you're device is on Swimmingly 10.x.x

If you try and huddle a device still running a previous version of Swimmingly (v9), you will get a huddle message that say, "incompatible version". If the Scorekeeper iPad is still running a previous version (i.e. Swimmingly v9), ALL devices attempting to huddle with v10 will receive a huddle error "incompatible version". Update all devices.

  • Open Swimmingly v10
  • Select your role and enable location services and enable local network

Location services allows the app to display the WiFi name during the meet, and Local Network allows your device to talk to other devices using Swimmingly v10.

On the 'Welcome' Screen:

  1. Double check you're on v10.x.x (it will display the version number).
  2. Enable do not disturb in your phone settings (to avoid getting a call as you time a race).
  3. "Forget all other networks" in the area on your pool deck (to avoid jumping from the Swimmingly WiFi to a different WiFi).
  4. Connect to either Swimmingly 5 or Swimmingly 2.3 WiFi (interchangeable across devices). Use the network that works better on your pool deck.
    • password for both networks:
  • Now, your device is ready to huddle with the Meet ID. Follow the Scorekeeper's instructions and do not leave the huddle area once connected. You'll be instructed to run a test race, where you can be assigned your lane on your device. Your device will "remember" that lane for the rest of the meet! Then, you are ready to take your place behind your respective lane.

Now, you're ready to sync your meet schedule on the Scorekeeper's iPad & complete The Huddle. Click here!