Print Event Results during/after a swim meet

Select "Actions" and select "Generate Event Results"

As a 


I want to

Print results for the meet that has been completed


On the scorekeeper's iPad go to "Actions", select "Generate Event Results" and send to print!

Please make sure all volunteers have updated their Swimmingly App to Version 10.0!

Pro Tip: Before printing ribbon labels, double check the results and any warnings!

Step 1: Select "Actions"


Step 2: Select "Generate Event Results"


Option 1:

Step 3: Select "Generate All Results"


Option 2:

Step 3: Select "Generate Some Results"


Edit Results Settings and Select "Print Selected Results"


At this point you can specialize the event results. Please see below for what each selection allows you to do.

Choose clubs to print: Here you can choose to only generate results for certain club(s)

Choose events to print: Here you can select certain events to generate results for

Print places: Here you can select to only generate results for a range of places. For example, you can choose to generate results for 1st-5th only. 

Step 4: Select the share icon


Step 5: Print or Send the Results


If you have an Air Print printer, you can send the results directly from the Scorekeepers iPad to the printer OR you can Mail or AirDrop the results to a computer to print from there!