Print a heat sheet

The heat sheet is available in an electronic version on SwimminglyFan. If you need to print a hard copy, print directly from the browser and 'open as PDF'


Given That

I am a club admin setting up for a meet

I Want To

Provide hard copy heat sheets to volunteers, starter etc.


To adjust the font size for your preference and print your heat sheet, follow these steps to generate your Heat Sheet PDF!

On a Mac using Chrome browser

  1. After merging your heat sheet
  2. On the heat sheet screen, select Actions > View Heat Sheet

  • An html page of the heat sheet will load in a new tab. It will look unformatted, that's ok.
    • Next, we want to save the heat sheet as a formatted PDF.
    • Choose File > Print and note that:
      • 'Save as PDF' as the destination (see screenshot).
      • If you want to adjust the size of the font on each page, you can do so by selecting:
        • Scale > Custom
        • Typically, the scale between 75-115 is safe with the margins, we don't recommend going above 115. Please review your pages to make sure you didn't cut any margins off!
        • Then, click 'Save'. This generates the formatted PDF. Now, you are free to open up your newly create PDF at the destination folder you selected to print it.

Heat Sheet image

"How do I conserve more paper?"

Full Commit Solution: Go green with SwimminglyFan. Heat Sheet is available in a paperless format on the SwimminglyFan app.

Half-Measure Solution: Ensure you're printing front & back, and provide hard copies only to key volunteers & encourage everyone else to use SwimminglyFan!