Huddling devices with QR Code: Best Practices

In this article, we will discuss the new huddling process via the QR Scan, as well as some best practices for the huddle to ensure a smooth swim meet!

Given that: Volunteers will need to scan a QR Code provided by the Scorekeeper in order to huddle into the meet.


I want: To ensure a smooth and efficient huddle so that we can get our meet started in a timely manner!

New for this summer, all volunteers are required to scan a dynamic QR Code provided by the Scorekeeper in order to huddle into the swim meet. This is now a requirement for a handful of different reasons: 




Stronger Connection

Please see below for more information regarding all the benefits with the new QR huddling process: 

Note: This announcement was made to all Swimmingly customers January 13, 2023 and the live announcement has been recorded here:


Security is always our #1 priority for our customers. We want to ensure that all swim meets are secured and can be run in a secured environment. With the QR huddling process, we can now guarantee that only volunteers that step up to the Scorekeeper will huddle into the meet. 

"Can I print the swim meet QR Code to allow parents to scan the QR code from a hard copy?"

No, the QR code is dynamic (it changes or is 'animated') for security.


Devices that huddle into the meet via the QR Code scan will stay in the meet! Volunteers will not need to worry about dropping out of the meet or disconnecting at any time. Additionally, volunteers can rest easy knowing that even if they leave the App, they will not be kicked out of the meet! 


The scanning process takes just a few seconds for each volunteer! Volunteers can "scan and go" now! Remember, that now with Swimmingly v10, the dedicated Swimmingly WiFi is no longer required. This means you no longer have to setup the Swimmingly WiFi and go through the rigmarole of getting each device connected and the need to forget other networks. With Swimmingly v10, it's just the opposite - any and all connections are great to connect! The dynamic QR code powers this process.

Stronger Connection

One of our biggest updates with Swimmingly Version 10 is that devices can now connect to each other through ANY available connection, including Bluetooth, Cellular, and/or WiFi! The QR huddling process is what makes this possible! 

Best Practices:

Huddling volunteers DURING the meet

Very common in swim meets, there will be the need for volunteers to huddle into the meet during the swim meet. That is not a problem! The Scorekeeper can access the QR Code at any point during the meet by selecting the "Device Viewer" button in the top-left corner of the Scorekeeper:

Pro Tip: Have any second half Timers/Volunteers huddle into the meet before the first half Timers/Volunteers shift concludes. That way, there is no delay in the meet!

Here's a snapshot of a user scanning & huddling at the Scorekeeper during a swim meet:

1. New timer scan & huddle at the Scorekeeper

2. Assume their lane next to the timer they are relieving.

3. Time 1-2 races together to ensure the new timer understands the process (teamwork makes the dreamwork).

4. Timer being relieved can quit the app (don't forget high-fiving the other timer!)


How does a Timer exiting the meet quit the app?

Answer: "Swipe up to quit the app".

This will disconnect their device from the swim meet & will not affect any other devices.

Location and Time of the Huddle

We recommend that the Huddle take place approximately 15 minutes before the meet is scheduled to begin. This will give all Timers ample time to scan the QR Code, as well as complete any Test Event races prior to the meet. 

Additionally, the Huddle should take place at the location where the Scorekeeper will be stationed during the meet. This should be near the Starting area. 

Pro Tip: Completing the huddle under SHADE is recommended. This will help prevent any glare on the volunteer's screens as they scan the QR Code to huddle!

Huddling Procedure

As a best practice, we recommend that all Timers have been assigned their lanes prior to the huddle. Once the Scorekeeper has the QR Code pulled up on the iPad, have the Timer(s) from Lane 1 step forward and scan first (one at a time).

Once they have successfully scanned the QR Code, they can step back. Then have the Timer(s) from Lane 2 step forward and scan. Complete this process until all volunteers have successfully scanned the QR code and are huddled in the meet!

Device Settings: Date & Time

Prior to attempting to huddle ALL volunteer devices (Don't forget about the Starter and Scorekeeper iPad), please ensure all devices Date & Time settings are set to automatic. 

This is imperative for a successful huddle!

Please note: If you are unable to edit your Date & Time settings, please turn OFF any Screen Time restrictions under the Screen Time settings on your device.

For additional information on the huddling process, and to see a demonstration of the huddle, please watch Step 2 of the Blueprint For Success (Complete a Huddle on the Pool Deck) below: