How do I locate my Club ID and Starter Key to log in as the Scorekeeper?

Locate Club ID and Starter Key in the Swimmingly® Clubhouse to login on the Swimmingly® app Scorekeeper device.

Given That

I am the Scorekeeper on the Swimmingly® app.

I want to

Login on the Scorekeeper's device.


Locate you team's Club ID & Starter Key.

Please make sure all volunteers have updated their Swimmingly App to Version 9.0!

If you have Club Admin permissions in the Swimmingly® Clubhouse, login. You will always see you club's club header that includes Club ID & Starter Key at the top of any main navigation screen:

  • Manage Club
  • Club Admins
  • Manage Roster
  • Meet Schedule



This is the Club ID & Starter Key that you will input on the Scorekeeper's iPad the day of the meet:


Important: Always login on the Scorekeeper before you arrive to the meet with any internet connection. This will ensure your login contains all of the latest swim meets and roster additions from your Clubhouse. After logging in connected to the internet before arriving at the meet, you can simply connect to the Swimmingly WiFi during swim meet setup.

This will address the question, "How do I download my upcoming meet onto the Scorekeeper's IPad?"

Tip: After Downloading/printing your Swimmingly® Help Guide (your playbook for the pool deck), write your Club ID & Starter Key in your Help Guide for reference on the pool deck!