Download my upcoming meet and meet schedule onto the Scorekeeper's iPad

Download Swim Meet to Scorekeeper's iPad

Given That

I am the Scorekeeper for the swim meet

I Want To

Download my upcoming meet schedule and swim meet(s) to my Scorekeeper's iPad


Locate your Club ID & Starter Key, connect to the internet on your Scorekeeper's iPad & login

Please make sure all volunteers have updated their Swimmingly App to Version 11!

If you haven't located your Club ID & Starter Key, do that first.

Remember that the Swimmingly WiFi is now OPTIONAL. You can use the Swimmingly WiFi as a supportive communication method but it is not necessary. The Swimmingly WiFi is not Internet and cannot be used to download your swim meet schedule to the Scorekeeper's iPad. Swimmingly® WiFi is a LAN (Local Area Network) that allows the devices to speak to each other on deck.

Before you arrive at the pool, locate your Scorekeeper's iPad, and connect to any internet connection. Once you have confirmed you are connected to an internet connection:

  • Select the Scorekeeper role > make sure location services and local network are enabled > tap Ready to Huddle > tap Next
  • Input your Club ID > input Starter Key > tap LOGIN


  • You will be taken to the meet schedule screen. Wait for the meet schedule to fully download.
    • This will ensure your Scorekeeper's iPad has downloaded all of the current swim meets and roster of swimmers for each team in your swim meets.
  • Once your meet schedule has completed its download, locate your meet on the list and select it with a tap:


If you (1) create a new swim meet or (2) add swimmers to the roster of any team in the meet after you last time you downloaded the swim meet schedule, be sure to repeat the process described in this article.

  • The next screen will confirm your swim meet
  • Proceed back to the Swimmingly® App and you are now ready to synchronize the Starter, Timers, and Judges with your Scorekeeper's iPad. This is called the swim meet huddle!