Create a swim meet

In the Clubhouse, navigate to the Meet Schedule tab to create a swim meet.

Given That

I am a Club Admin 

I Want To

Create an upcoming swim meet


Log into your Swimmingly® Clubhouse account, and navigate to the Meet Schedule tab to create your swim meet

Step 1: Log into your Club Admin account in the Swimmingly® Clubhouse

Click on the Meet Schedule tab

Step 2: Select "Add Swim Meet" to This Season

Step 3: Fill out your meet details

Meet Name: 

Create the name of the meet that will appear on the Heat Sheet and Meet Results

(ex: Denver Dolphins @ Raleigh Races)

Event Order: Select from any Event Orders your Club or League has previously created

Meet type: 

Traditional Meet - The swim meet will be held in-person 

Virtual Meet - The swim meet will be held at each team's respective swim pools

Step 4: Select your Meet Date

Step 5: Add other teams to the swim meet and designate the Home Club

Step 6: Set your meet's Entry Limit 

If your swim league does not have any Entry Limits, select "don't use limit".

Step 7: Select "OK" and your swim meet is now created on your Meet Schedule! 

Note* If you have added any other teams into the swim meet, the swim meet will be created on their Meet Schedule in the Clubhouse as well!