Create a Championship Meet for my swim league

Whether you plan on using the Swimmingly® App to actually run your Championship meet, or would just like to create the Championship meet for meet entries, please see below!

Creating a Championship meet in the Swimmingly® Clubhouse is just the same as creating a dual meet or time trial! Even if your team plans on using Hy-Tek Meet Manager to run the meet, you can still complete entries for the Champs meet! 

To get started, Login to your Swimmingly® Clubhouse account, and head over to the Meet Schedule page.

Step 1: Select "Add Swim Meet to This Season"

Step 2: Fill out your Meet Details

Meet Name: Create the name of the meet that will appear on the Heat Sheet and Meet Results

(ex: Swimmingly® Summer League Championship Meet)


Event Order: Select from any Event Orders your Club or League has previously created. 


Meet type: 

Traditional Meet - The swim meet will be held in-person 

Virtual Meet - The swim meet will be held at each team's respective swim pools

WAIT! IF your Championship Meet Event Order is different than your standard Event Orders you have been using all season, be sure that a League Admin has created the Championship Meet Event Order PRIOR to creating the swim meet

Step 3: Add all (or some of) the teams in your league into the Championship Meet

Before adding all teams into the meet:


After adding all teams into the meet:

Step 4: Select the Home Club & Pool

If the pool that your Championship Meet is being held at is NOT at any of the team's pools, you can select: 


- Generic SCM pool

- Generic SCY pool

- Generic LCM pool


Step 5: Select your Meet Date & Entry Limits

If your swim league does not have any Entry Limits, select "don't use limit".


Step 6: Select "OK" and your Championship Meet is now created on ALL TEAM's Meet Schedule!

All swim teams can now begin submitting their meet entries for the swim meet! 

Want to learn how to complete Meet Entries for your team? Click HERE. 

Once all teams have completed their entries and marked off they are Heat Sheet Ready, a Club Admin of any team in the meet can merge the Heat Sheet. 

Want to learn how to merge the Heat Sheet? Click HERE.



If you plan on having all meet entries for the Championship Meet imported into Hy-Tek Meet Manager, please see below: 

Step 7: Each team must complete their meet entires for the Championship Meet

Team's can complete their entries in Swimmingly® just like they have been all season!

Step 8: Export the Meet Entries SDIF (.SD3) File from Swimmingly® 

Option A: Have a Club Admin from each team do this step individually, and send the SDIF (.SD3) file to the Hy-Tek Meet Manager host

Option B:
Once ALL teams have completed their Meet Entries, have a singular Club Admin or League Admin export the Meet Entry SDIF (.SD3) file, and send the SDIF (.SD3) file to the Hy-Tek Meet Manager host. 

Please note:

Regarding Option B - ALL TEAM'S meet entries will export into the SDIF (.SD3) file! 


CAUTION: Sometimes, the Championship Event Order carries a non-linear Event Order number (ex: 101, 102, 103... 201, 202, 203.... 301, 302,303...). We recommend that the swim meet created in the Clubhouse uses the same Event Order that the league has used throughout the season, as this is the familiar Event Order for the clubs.


Then, importing this Event Order (with entries) into Meet Manager can then be adjusted to change the Event Order to the desired Event Order numbers. 

Step 9: Import the SDIF (.SD3) File into Meet Manager

Please make sure that your LSC and Team Codes in the SD3 file you export (available to edit under your Manage Club tab, and also, at the time you export) match the LSC and Team Code in the software system you are importing your team's entry file into.

Please note: This "transfer file process" relies on the the file exchange between pieces of software. Swimmingly® is compatible with the SDIF (.SD3) file specification, but we are unable to verify compatibility with other systems because verification between Swimmingly® and the final destination of the file is not possible. We fully support any questions around the file we provide, but we cannot provide support/troubleshooting for other software systems.

Our standing recommendation to other swim software companies is cooperation around an open API between software platforms to provide a better experience to swim team/meet admins.


We hope this article has been helpful in preparation for your Championship Meet! If you have any questions regarding your league's Championship Meet, please feel free to email us, or give us a call at (866) 377-7946