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Club Communications Feed

Create announcements for your club, email them to your families, and access announcements in the Swimmingly Clubhouse

Given that

I am a club/league admin, or guardian

I want to

Communicate with the families on my swim club this season & receive communication from my club's leadership

So that

We have efficient messaging each week for practice, swim meets, special announcements etc.

The club communication feed is your new desktop/mobile friendly home for your club's communication and special announcements. Swimmingly's platform is a one-stop-shop: from timing/officiating/scoring the swim meet, to messaging from your club leadership to your families!

How to use Club Communication as a Club/League Admin:

Step 1: Locate your communications icon in the upper right corner of the Clubhouse & click to open your communications feed.

Note: If you're a league admin, first select the club you'd like to communicate with by navigating to their respective Clubhouse in your 'Clubs' tab:

Step 2: Open club communications feed

  • You can read any previous announcements posted by any of your club or league admins in your communication feed.
  • The communications feed is desktop friendly and slides out from the right side of the screen. On mobile devices it is mobile friendly and slides out from the bottom of the screen.
  • You can navigate around the Clubhouse while you read any announcements or compose any new announcements.


Step 3: Create a new announcement

Note: Parent/Guardians cannot create announcements.

  • Confirm the club you're sending the message to in the 'create announcement' window.
  • Select the season for which you'd like to create an announcement.
  • All the club admins and guardians on your club will see this announcement posted in their club communications feed. As the person who created the announcement, you will also see the announcement in the same way.
  • Upon posting the announcement, all admins and guardians for your club will receive an email notification.

Step 4: Emailing a new announcement

Upon posting any new announcements, an email will go out to all admins and guardians on your team (for this season). The email will include the entire announcement. You will also receive an email.

As the admin composing the announcement, you can

  • Allow replies ON. This allows replies to your email. This means any guardian or other admin who replies via email to the notification of your announcement will be replying directly to your email inbox.
  • Allow replies OFF. This does not allow replies to your email. This means any guardian or other admin who attempts to reply via email to the notification of your announcement will be replying to a 'no-reply' inbox and there will be no follow-up.


  1. Admins can create announcements for their team and they will be posted in the communications feed in the Clubhouse for everyone on their team to read. Note: the Clubhouse is also where families are able to complete meet declarations
  2. When an announcement is made an email will go out to everyone on the team. The email will include the full announcement.
  3. The admin composing the announcement can chose whether folks can reply to the accompanying email or not.
  4. The communications feature is both desktop and mobile friendly so your families can easily access and read any new announcements during the season!