Access the QR-Code for our meet?

Access your QR-Code before the meet, during the huddle, or during your swim meet on your Scorekeeper's iPad

Given That

I am at the swim meet and need to synchronize devices (swim meet huddle)

I Want To

Access the Meet QR-Code


Access the QR-Code on your Scorekeeper's iPad during the huddle or once the swim meet is in progress 

The Meet QR-Code will be scanned by any Starter, Timer, or Stroke & Turn Judge that needs to synchronize to the swim meet. This QR-Code is consistently changing so only the volunteers you want to huddle in the swim meet are able to do so.

Please make sure all volunteers have updated their Swimmingly App to Version 11.0!

Locating the Meet QR-Code during the swim meet huddle:

  • On the Scorekeeper, the QR-Code is located on the huddle screen during the huddle.
    • This is helpful as your Scorekeeper can physically share the screen with the Starter, Timers, and Judges attempting to huddle their devices:

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Locating the Meet QR-Code once the swim meet has begun:

  • On the Scorekeeper, the Meet QR-Code is located on the device viewer during the swim meet.
  • Tap on the device viewer
    • This is helpful as your Scorekeeper can share the QR-Code with new Timers without having to restart the Scorekeeper

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This is helpful if your club has 1st and 2nd half timers. The Scorekeeper can share the QR-Code with 2nd half timers without having to quit the app or delay the swim meet.