Making changes after merging the heat sheet

Utilize the flexibility of the Swimmingly® app on the pool deck to embrace last minute changes and stress.

Given That

I am hosting a swim meet, and my club, or another club has last minute changes, and the heat sheet is already finalized

I Want To 

Make the accommodations for last minute adjustments


You can make accommodations for last minute adjustments without doing anything.

After the Heat Sheet is merged, the flexibility of the Swimmingly® app takes over:

  • There's always last minute changes, even during the swim meet. A system that doesn't embrace last minute changes does not reflect the nature of summer swimming, but instead, forces a swim meet to adhere to a rigid structure that doesn't reflect the reality of a dynamic pool deck.
  • Once the heat sheet is merged, relax!
  • If there is a last minute change, it can always be made in real-time on the pool deck. As long as each swimmer in the meet has a Swimmer ID, clerk-of-course can line that swimmer up, and the Timer captures the result with that Swimmer ID, then wirelessly sent to the Scorekeeper.
  • Don't overthink it, just let the admins and clubs know that with Swimmingly, any last minute changes, or on-the-fly adjustments can be made.

Learn more by watching the recording of the Swimmingly APP Training Webinar HERE.

"But I really want to do extra work and make last minute entries adjustments":

Ok, here's how to un-merge your heat sheet to make adjustments.

If you're the type that likes to tweak entries at the last minute, stop merging your heat sheet so far in advance of the swim meet. If you know last minute changes happen, and you're committed to adjusting the heat sheet, consider waiting even up until meet-time to merge the heat sheet (and go paperless on the heat sheet via SwimminglyFan.

Did you know: If you use the flexibility of the Swimmingly® app and allow it to make last minute adjustments for you (and avoid tweaking entries), you will save approximately 2 hours per swim meet in man-hours?

Did you know: If you go paperless for heat sheets and use SwimminglyFan, you will save approximately and additional 2 hours per swim meet in man-hours?