Experience the Swimmingly Showcase

Experience the Magic of a Swimmingly Showcase: Transform Your Swim Meets for Free!

Are you considering bringing Swimmingly's innovative approach to your swim league? Here's your chance to experience firsthand how Swimmingly can revolutionize your swim meets.


Introducing the Swimmingly Showcase - a unique opportunity for prospective Swimmingly customers to host a trial swim meet using the Swimmingly App at no cost!

What is a Swimmingly Showcase?

A Swimmingly Showcase offers future Swimmingly customers the chance to conduct a live swim meet using the Swimmingly App. This event is a collaborative effort between your team and other interested teams. It's an ideal setting to experience how Swimmingly simplifies and adds fun to swim meets, all for FREE.

How do I organize a Swimmingly Showcase?

Connect with the Swimmingly Team to discuss the opportunity of a Swimmingly Showcase. The Swimmingly Team will guide all teams in the meet through the entire process. Discover how the Swimmingly App helps make swim meets simple and fun.  

Organizing your Swimmingly Showcase:

  1. Connect with Our Team: Reach out to the Swimmingly Team to explore the possibility of a Showcase. We're here to assist every team involved in the meet, guiding you through each step and showcasing how Swimmingly can make your swim meets more efficient and enjoyable.

  2. Prepare for Success: To ensure a smooth and successful Showcase, we recommend completing our 'Blueprint for Success'. This guide will help you get the most out of your Swimmingly experience. For access to the Blueprint, click here.

  3. Experience the Swimmingly Effect: Dive into the live action and witness the efficiency and enjoyment of using the Swimmingly App. This is your opportunity to conduct your best swim meet yet, experiencing the real-time benefits of our technology.

Please Note:

  • The Swimmingly Showcase is a one-time, complimentary opportunity to experience our app in action.
  • After your successful Showcase, we're excited to help you set up your league for the upcoming season with Swimmingly!

Don't miss this chance to see how Swimmingly can transform your swim meets. Contact us today to schedule your free Swimmingly Showcase and step into the future of swim meet management!

Contact the Swimmingly Team to schedule your showcase and start your journey with Swimmingly!