Registration Options

You can opt-into Premium Club Registration on the Swimmingly® Platform

Given That

I want to start my registration

I Want To

Know what my registration options are and get started.


Click on Registration and opt-into or opt-out of Premium Club Registration

As a Club Admin, log into the Clubhouse:

  • Click the Registration tab.
  • Select your season from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose Premium Club Registration, or Basic Registration
    • Learn more about whether PREMIUM CLUB REGISTRATION is right for your club here.
    • Find out more about opting-in or out of Premium Club Registration and payment methods for the Swimmingly® membership payments on our customer policy here.

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IF you select Basic Registration, you will not be able to use any of the additional features that comes with Premium Club Registration. Additional features with Premium Club Registration includes: 

- Waivers, disclosures, etc. 

- Additional Items

- Discount Codes