Recommended printer for Swimmingly during/after the swim meet

We recommend a laser, black & white printer, with WiFi functionality AND an LCD screen for on-the-fly WiFi setup!

Given That

I am a club admin looking for a suitable printer to print results/ribbon labels during the meet or immediately after

I Want A

Reliable printer that can get the job done!

Swimmingly Recommends a printer that fits these criteria:

  1. Laser (not inkjet) - less prone to running out of “ink” w full toner for the season.
  2. Black & White (cheaper than a color printer).
  3. WiFi & Airprint functionality (required). See Apple's list of Airprint printers here. There's a ton!
  4. LCD screen on the unit (strongly recommended). Much easier to wirelessly connect to the Swimmingly WiFi directly from the LCD screen on the printer.

We recommend the Brother brand of printers as we use them ourselves, but there are many strong brands available. Here is a specific recommendation that fits the criteria on this page.