Mark a swimmer as exhibition in swim meet entries

Navigate to 'edit entries' > 'by event' and mark the swimmer as exhibition for the desired event!

Given That

I am a club admin completing my swim meet entries

I Want To

Mark a swimmer as exhibition!

What does exhibition mean?

An exhibition entry is a swimmer who is entered in an event. The result from this swim is not eligible for scoring, and they are not eligible to receive a place, but the time is considered an official time for future use (entries etc).

Navigate to your entries, 'by event' view:

  • Click on the swimmer to reveal 'swimmer details'
  • Clicking on 'Exhibition' for a given event enters that swimmer 'exhibition'.
  • Clicking on the 'Official' for a given event enters that swimmer as an official entry.

Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 8.12.05 PM

This process creates an exhibition designation on the heat sheet for all exhibition swimmers. For scoring purposes, if a swimmer receives points that should be marked as exhibition, that can be accomplished on the Scorekeeper's iPad here.