I am a club admin and my Club Registration bank account was restricted, Stripe asking for a Tax ID / EIN

Follow these self-service steps to confirm your Tax ID / EIN with our payment partner Stripe to connect your bank account for Club Registration

Given That

My Club is using Club Registration

I Want To

Confirm my Tax ID / EIN of my club to connect the bank account

Note: This process is only for clubs utilizing Club Registration on the Swimmingly® platform.

Step 1: Navigate to your Club Registration tab and select 'connect bank account':

If you have previously connected your bank account, this link will 'remember' your email/user ID. Enter your password to your Stripe portal (Swimmingly does not have access to this).

  • Next, Stripe will ask you to confirm your organization's Tax ID / EIN. Once you've entered and confirmed this step, your Club Registration account will be re-connected in a matter of minutes and funds will continue to your bank account from registrants & new registrations can proceed!