How do I choose my registration options?

You can opt-into Club Registration on the Swimmingly® Platform

Given That

I want to start my registration

I Want To

Know what my registration options are and get started.


Click on Registration and opt-into or opt-out of Club Registration

As a Club Admin, log into the Clubhouse:

  • Click the Registration tab.
  • Select your season from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose to "Sign Us Up" for Club Registration, or "Count Us Out" for Club Registration.
    • Learn more about whether CLUB REGISTRATION is right for your club here.
    • Find out more about opting-in or out of Club Registration and payment methods for the Swimmingly® membership payments on our customer policy here.

IF you select "Count Us Out" for Club Registration, you will not be able to use any of the additional features that comes with Club Registration. Additional features with Club Registration includes: 

- Waivers, disclosures, etc. 

- Additional Items

- Discount Codes