Show a tie on the Scorekeeper

In the expanded event view, tap one of the swimmers' names and select "Tie Swimmer with..."

As a 


I want to

Have the scorekeeper reflect that two swimmers tied


Double tap on the event > tap the result of one of the swimmers > tap "Tie Swimmer with..." and select the other swimmer that tied

Step 1: Double tap on the event to enter the "Expanded View" of the event

Screenshot 2022-08-04 at 8.57.25 AM

Step 2: Tap on one of the tying swimmers


Please note: the swimmer's must have had a placing adjustment (they will be highlighted dark blue) 

To learn how to do place judging, click HERE

Step 3: Select "Tie Swimmer with..."


Step 4: Select the other swimmer that tied


Step 5: Confirm that the points have been allocated correctly