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Meet Day Tips for Spectators

Make the most out of your swim meet experience with these helpful hacks!

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be prepared for the meet and get the most out of the swim meet experience!

Swim meets can be tricky... especially for the spectators! That's why we have your back this season! Follow these helpful tips and tricks below to get the most out of your upcoming swim meets:

(1) Write your Swimmer's ID on their shoulder

Your swimmer's unique 3 digit ID is how the Timer's will capture their time. Write it on their shoulder or back in clear large lettering and bring the marker to the pool in case you need to reapply! 

Be sure to do this prior to the swim meet. It's always great to be ahead of schedule and show up to the pool deck ready to go! Also, it's much easier to write your swimmer's ID number before they jump in the pool!

(2) Bring extra sunscreen

With your swimmer being in and out of the water, they will need to reapply sunscreen. A high water proof SPF is best! And don't forget the SPF chapstick!

(3) Use frozen water bottles to cool down your cooler

Not only will the frozen bottles keep your food cold, but you will also have cold water when it melts. And as a last resort - you'll have a couple spare water bottles to drink!

(4) Bring extra snacks

Beat the hanger and bring extra snacks for both you and your swimmer! 

(5) Bring a comfy chair

Swim meets can be long. Bring a comfy chair for you and your swimmer. Make sure you show up a little early too so you can grab a great spot near the action!

(6) Pack extra towels

You never have enough towels and a wet towel is the worst! Pack more towels than you think.

(7) Pack an extra pair of goggles

Everyone knows the tragic snap of the goggles behind the blocks... Be a hero and have an extra strap or pair of goggles. 

(8) Pack playing cards

There can be a long wait time in between events. Keep your swimmer off their devices and have fun playing card games with friends!

(9) Arrive at the swim meet early

Secure your spot and make sure your swimmer is ready for warm up by arriving to the meet early.

(10) Download the SwimminglyFan app

Live results, notifications when your swimmer is swimming, heat sheets, and more all on the SwimminglyFan app! 


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We hope these helpful tips will guide you to a fantastic swim meet in the future!