How do I create my club's Swimmingly® account?

Swimmingly® Account Setup

Given That

My club does not yet have a Clubhouse account on Swimmingly® and I am the Club Admin

I Want To

Activate the Account


Activate your account or complete the onboarding form so that we can help you get started.


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Claim Swimmingly® Account in Clubhouse

Claim your Swimmingly® account on our sign-up page here. Be sure to type in the full name of your club when prompted as it will already be in the Clubhouse and, therefore, searchable upon sign-up.

To claim your club's Swimmingly® account, CLICK HERE!

  1. Enter email address.
  2. Select your role as Club Admin.
  3. Type in your FULL/COMPLETE club name.

Once approved, you'll receive a Swimmingly® activation email. From there, you will have access to the Swimmingly® Clubhouse for your club!

Can't find your club when you type in the FULL club name in Step 3 above? Go here.