Create event orders for my league

If you are a League Admin, click on League, click to modify your league settings, and ADD a new event order

Given That

I am a LEAGUE Admin

I Want To

Add or modify event orders to be usable to all teams in my league


Navigate to your league settings and add/edit event orders


League Event Orders: Are your "official" event orders for your season. This rarely change and are setup by league administrators. They are accessible to any club in the league when creating a swim meet, and the title of the event order(s) should be named accordingly.

Example: "Primary League Event Order", "Championship Meet Event Order", "Mid-Season Invitational Event Order"


Club Event Orders: Are specific to your club and only accessible to your club (and any team that you add to these select swim meets with your club's event order). 

Example: "[Club] Inter-squad Meet", "Fun Relay Meet", "Saturday Morning Relay Meet", or "Red & White Inter-Squad Meet"

If you are a CLUB Admin and would like to create event orders just for your club (usable by your club and any team you invite to your meets), click here.

Step 1: Login as a LEAGUE Admin

Click on the League tab:


Step 2: Click on the action to edit your League Settings


Step 3: Add a New Event Order

Your event orders from previous seasons are already in your dropdown list, so confirm the event orders that you already have before adding any new ones.


Have a couple events that you added out of order? After you add an event within an event order, simply drag and drop that even to the desired event # position in your event order.

Step 4: Click 'Save' at the bottom of the screen

The Event Order will automatically save, but to double-check, click 'Save' at the bottom of your screen.

Modifying an existing event order? Click here.