Create event orders for my club

If you are a Club Admin, click on Manage Roster, and click the Event Order tab to start adding Event Orders for your club!

Given That

I am a Club Admin

I Want To 

Add or modify event orders for my club to use for upcoming swim meets


Navigate to the Manage Club > Event Order tab to add/edit event orders


Club Event Orders: Are specific to your club and only accessible to your club (and any team that you add to these select swim meets with your club's event order). 

Example: "[Club] Inter-squad Meet", "Fun Relay Meet", "Saturday Morning Relay Meet", or "Red & White Inter-Squad Meet"


League Event Orders: Are your "official" event orders for your season. This rarely change and are setup by league administrators. They are accessible to any club in the league when creating a swim meet, and the title of the event order(s) should be named accordingly.

Example: "Primary League Event Order", "Championship Meet Event Order", "Mid-Season Invitational Event Order"

If you are a LEAGUE Admin and would like to create event orders that are available for all teams in the league, click here.

Step 1: Login as a Club Admin

Click on the Manage Club tab

Manage Club

Step 2: Click on the Event Orders tab

Manage Club -> Event Orders Tab-1

Step 3: Add a New Event Order

Your event orders from previous seasons are already in your dropdown list, so confirm the event orders that you already have before adding any new ones.

Add New Event Order

Have a couple events that you added out of order? After you add an event within an event order, simply drag and drop that even to the desired event # position in your event order.

Step 4: Click 'Save' at the bottom of the screen

The Event Order will automatically save, but to double-check, click 'Save' at the bottom of your screen.


Modifying an existing event order? Click here.