Create waivers, disclosures, and membership code forms in Premium Club Registration (Step 2)?

Here is how create and customize waivers for your club in Premium Club Registration Step 2

Given That

I am a club admin setting up Premium Club Registration

I Want To

Create and customize waivers and disclosures. This includes liability waivers, code of conduct, volunteer agreements, eligibility requirements, membership code forms, medical info & consent, and more!


Use our waiver templates in Step 2 to customize your experience for your club

Step 2: Waivers & Disclosures

Custom waivers, disclosures & forms that can be created in this step include, and are not limited to:

  1. *Liability Waiver
  2. *Volunteer Agreement
  3. *Code of Conduct
  4. *Medical Information & Consent
  5. Membership Code Form (country clubs or organizations who use membership codes from a different system of record).
  6. Eligibility Requirements Form
  7. League-level waiver/disclosures
  8. Team cheers :)

*Indicates we have a ready-made template for this you can customize as you see fit!


You can create as many custom waivers as you'd like. To speed up the process, we've preset 4 common waivers that are at your disposal to modify as needed. Each waiver includes the following features you can customize that your families will see:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Sections - add as many within each waiver as you need. Within each section, you can determine whether the parent/guardian"
    • Has to acknowledge the section
    • Simply reads the section (disclosure only, no acknowledgement)
    • Requires a freeform text response from parent/guardian (I.e. allergy disclosures, membership code waiver, medical considerations etc)


You cannot delete a waiver after you have created it - however, you can deactivate any waiver from use. This will remove its visibility and availability to parent/guardians at registration.


Our ready-made templates for the 4 common waivers will speed up your work. Or, simply copy and paste the waivers you've already created outside the Swimmingly® Clubhouse. Be sure to save your work as you create your custom sections within each waiver:


Attention country clubs or other organizations who use membership codes - this is the Step where you will create a form w 'freeform text response' required from parents/guardians to fill-out their appropriate membership codes or other details needed for outside systems-of-record.


Waivers completed, activated, and saved? You're ready for Step 3: How do I setup club registration dues in Premium Club Registration


"Can I upload a version of my waivers (i.e. PDF)?"

No, simply copy/paste the waiver into the waiver you create. This will help ensure parent/guardians read/acknowledge/fill out all applicable information.