Connect my bank account for Premium Club Registration (Step 1)

On step 1 of Premium Club Registration, click "connect bank account" and follow the instructions from our payment provider, Stripe.

Given That

I am a club admin, setting up Premium Club Registration

I Want To

Connect my bank account and successfully complete Step 1


When you click 'connect bank account' you'll be re-directed to Stripe's portal that's connected to Swimmingly®. After completing the required steps, you'll be redirected back to Swimmingly® Clubhouse where you'll see your bank account has been connected and verified.

Step 1: Login/Create Stripe Account & Complete Setup

If your using Swimmingly®'s Premium Club Registration product, this is the first step you'll see:

Screen Shot 2023-02-22 at 12.18.23 PM-1

Click 'Connect Bank Account' & either login to your existing Stripe account or create a new account. You will securely enter your club's bank account info on Stripe. After you save it, you will be re-directed back to the Swimmingly® Clubhouse.

Stripe Connect

Whether your club is non-profit, for-profit, or any varying organization structure, you will be able to put in the appropriate info on Stripe. This process takes ~5 minutes and you should have your club's applicable bank account/business/non-profit info handy (bank & routing accounts, EIN, etc) to complete this step.

Once you save your info on Stripe, you'll automatically be re-directed back to the Swimmingly® Clubhouse to verify this Step and proceed. Once successfully verified, you'll see this on Step 1:

Screen Shot 2023-02-22 at 12.20.19 PM

If you do NOT see that your bank account has been successfully verified, you may have missed something in Stripe. Simply click 'connect/manage bank account' AGAIN, input any information you may have missed the first time, and you'll be re-directed back to the Swimmingly® Clubhouse again for verification.


Once you've verified your bank account in Step 1, you can begin customizing your club's waivers, disclosures, and membership info in Step 2

If your bank account is not connected and verified the first time you are re-directed back to Swimmingly®:

  1. You received an email from Stripe to verify your email address. Take that action.
  2. Simply click 'connect bank account' again to be taken back to Stripe. Sometimes, Stripe requires additional verification of your information. Just follow the steps and you'll be re-directed back to the Swimmingly® Clubhouse again.