Club Admin: Invite other club admins on your team to create user account

Club admins can click on Club Admins, click 'Invite Club Admins' to send new users an email invite!

Given That

I am a Club Admin

I Want To

Add other Club Admins to my club's account in the Clubhouse


Send an email invite to new Club Admins!

Step 1: Click on Club Admins in the blue Side Navigation


Step 2: Click 'Invite Club Admin'


An activation email will be sent to the recipient and they will share in Club Admin privileges for your club!

If the recipient does not receive an email, have them check their spam/junk folder. To help avoid this, consider having users "whitelist" on their email server. Consult your email host regarding how to white list an email address.

Note: If the user (email address) already exists in the Swimmingly Clubhouse, and they are on your team, you can either promote or demote that user depending on your permissions.

If the user already exists in the Swimmingly Clubhouse and they are not on your club, email with a request for change of user and we will verify and complete the task!